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First Choice Real Estate, LLC
Sales & Marketing, Property Management, HOA/Community Divisions

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2170 Ashley Phosphate Rd, Ste 403
North Charleston SC 29406

Office: (843) 572-1502
Mobile: (843) 225-1502
Fax: (866) 381-6723

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New Construction: When dealing with track builders or custom home builders you need an agent to represent you. Why, because the builder's site agent works for them not you. Yes they can write up a contract but it will be disclosed that you represent yourself. Who needs that when you can have a Realtor represent you at no cost to you. The builder will pay a commission to the Realtors company to represent you at no cost to you. As your Realtor/agent we will advise you and assist you with the contract. We will also become an additional pair of eyes when checking the progress of the building stages along with checking behind the workers to list any items we see that could cause you future problems. We will email any items that we note so that you can notify the builder supervisor. Then we can make sure the items are corrected. When it comes down to getting close to closing on your new home we again will be there to assist you with your final loan processing. Then a follow up with your closing documents and review by your side at closing.

If you would like some examples of past faulty items that we have found in new construction then send us an email and we will provide you some facts. Don't get me wrong new construction is fine, but you do need to follow the stages and be inspecting yourself items not done correctly.

How would you like to get up to a $2000. rebate on your next home purchase?



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