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4/19 2019  Looking better in the beginning and Feds stated they would hold off on additional increases until fall. This helped all the markets, hearing good news. Now builders which cause a lot of the problems by increasing new construction prices not quarterly but monthly got a little to greedy. Now they are back at offering high incentives, bonus, etc. Holding inventory when 12 months ago they had none. Charleston SC market continues and now seeing some prices fall 1-3%, but that is not ready bad since most areas went up an average of 18 over last year alone. 

10/18   2018 was doing good but starting to see to fast of appreciation in some areas. Fed Treasury increasing mortgage interest rates hoping to tap the breaks on the fast housing increases. Helped a little in the beginning but then they wanted more increases which was a little to much so it slowed the not only the real estate market but other markets.  

5/28    2014 is turning out to be a good year as long as prices do not escalate to fast. A slow appreciation is better and will bring true values back to market. New construction started out great beginning of year but starting to see a slow down because of to many price increases. Now some builders are getting stuck inventory when before they had none. Live and learn. There are some financing changes coming out soon. It will ease up credit requirements for purchase but still must have a down payment. Interest rates are holding steady around the 4% range for 30 year mortgage with 15 year interest around 3.25%. Example: 30 yr $874 for a $200,000 mortgage loan for your estimate principal & interest payment.  
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